Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Understanding the Server Manager Downloads

Server Manager is mastered along the standard tools release schedule. That means that for each tools release, maintenance release, and update will include downloads for Server Manager. For each tools release there will be two downloads.

If you are installing SM for the first time I would recommend obtaining the latest installer. This will be a large (1 GB) download that is used to perform the initial installation.

If you have already installed SM you may download a significantly smaller update (around 30-50 MB) and apply that to your existing SM installation (of course using SM to perform the update).

For example installing and then applying the update will be functionally identical to initially installing the release. You may also go backwards, if desired, to an earlier release.

Remember you may always use the latest SM release even if you are managing earlier tools releases of the E1 components. Using the latest SM release ensures you have all the latest bug fixes and functionality available.